We've been thinking.

What is the essential relationship between agricultural microorganisms and industry, pharmaceuticals, environment and other microorganisms?
The same and the difference?

What are the characteristics of the application scenarios of agricultural microbial products? What does it face? The ecological environment?

Should microbial fertilizers be copied from other industries in terms of manufacturing process and application?

Is the traditional way that provide microbial fertilizer the most economical and effective?

Ten years ago.
We entered the microbial fertilizer industry and marveled at the power of small life.

Five years ago.
We began to think about more effective ways that provide microbial products, and then we embarked on the journey of continuous exploration.

We share  the subversive innovation fruit  with you. and we jointly promote the radical change in the application technology of microbial fertilizer.

Principle and characteristics of fermenting machine
The fermentation machine is a kind of equipment that is simple and convenient to manufacture microbial fertilizer and microbial agent.
Yihe Arrow Company  provide  various  fermentation bacteria packages, strain and culture medium.
The equipment is designed according to the characteristics of microbial growth, and has the functions of automatic control of fermentation temperature, automatic oxygen supply, automatic mixing (air mixing), etc., and can meet the aerobic and anaerobic fermentation of most microbial strains.發音
The amplification equipment uses microporous air diffusion technology, and the main material of the aerator is ABS, diaphragm and silica gel. Compared with most rubber aerators on the market, the aerators have higher working efficiency, better corrosion resistance and longer service life. The disc-shaped micropore aeration design facilitates the efficient diffusion of gas in the solution without the need for external mechanical mixing of the solution.

Reduce cost

The intermediate links are reduced, the expenses of channel, logistics and packaging are saved, and the user cost can be reduced by 60% and 90%.

Enhancement effect
During use, the strain liquid is fresh, the strain activity is high, it is convenient to increase the amount of inoculation, there are more secondary metabolites, and the effect is more stable.

Solve a difficult problem
It is difficult or impossible to solve some planting problems, such as soil toxins, root diseases of large root crops such as fruit trees, intractable root and leaf diseases, etc., no matter how many chemical products are used.

Convenient and flexible
Your own equipment can be used alone, and it can be mixed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides before and after fermentation.

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