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Mba graduate Find A Unique Trick ATMs Withdraw Rs. 22 Lakhs

mba graduate withdraw 22 lakhs

This person dislikes the normal thieves who crush the ATMs and plunder cash. He is an MBA graduate. Dinesh Kumar, an MBA move on from Sikkim Manipal University, purportedly stole ₹22 lakh by opening records in 10 banks and doing 232 exchanges. Need to know his keen method for redirecting the cash? Dinesh physically obstructed the money shade of the ATM. Yes, yu read it right. More often than not, what happens is that when the screen is blocked physically, while the cash is being apportioned, a mistake message is created. This is precisely what Dinesh did between June 2015 and January 2016. While conferring the extortion, he would guarantee that the ATM’s sensor was blocked either via cards or cash note.

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