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Ugadi is the fesival Of Telugu New Year


Ugadi is the fesival Of Telugu New Year, Ugadi: Yugādi is the New Year’s Day for the general population of the Telugu, and Kannada people group in India. It falls on an alternate day consistently because the Hindu logbook is a lunisolar timetable. This occasion is a standout amongst the most propitious days for Telugus and Kannadigas. The Saka schedule starts with the time of Chaitra (March–April), and Ugadi marks the main day of the new year. Chaitra is the main month in Panchanga which is the Indian schedule. In a few sections of India, it is known as Vikram Samvat or Bhartiya Nav Varsh. This occasion is for the most part pervasive in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Gudi Padwa, which is the Marathi new year, is likewise celebrated around the same time.

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